Monday, March 26, 2007

THLinux Update

I know that this will sound crazy, but I'm radically changing my approach to THLinux and may shelve it completely. After tinkering around for a bit, I realized that I am basically trying to recreate Buildroot from scratch. Which is stupid because the developers of both busybox and uClibc maintain the Buildroot scripts.

So, what I am looking to do is use the buildroot to construct a basic, static bootable core environment. Then I will look into adding in debian-like support so that you can build up your own debian-derived system (as the basic dpkg is supported by busybox... as is).

So, as I said earlier about THLinux, it's extremely alpha and subject to my whims.... neither of which can be considered stable. ;-)

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Steve said...

Yo, just wanted to give you props on your articles and comments on Digg. Bastions of thought and clarity are getting harder to find each day... keep up the good work!

- Steve